BYOC Rules & Tips

Clean & Dirty Bins

We have several "clean" and "dirty" bins located throughout the store. The clean bins are stocked with sanitized utensils and equipment for you to use for filling your own containers. These include jar funnels, bottle funnels, tongs, scoops, spoons, etc. If there isn't enough of a certain utensil, please ask an employee for assistance, and we will bring out more for you. Used or dropped utensils go into the dirty bins.

You Fill, You Buy

Once a product is dispensed, we avoid returning it back into the bulk bins to avoid cross-contamination. Filling a container brought from home and then refusing to pay for the product is like loading a plate at a buffet and then abandoning it. Or asking for coffee in your own mug and deciding at checkout that you don't want it anymore. It leaves the store with unsellable goods, and it's just not right. 

To avoid sticker shock at checkout, pay attention to the price labels and fill small amounts at a time if it's your first time buying a product. There are scales around the store so you can weigh as you fill.

Price By Weight vs. Price Per Piece

Note that some products are priced by piece rather than weight, so please pay attention to the price labels and make a note of how many you are getting for "by piece" products. We have masking tape and pens around the store for labelling the counts.

Weigh As You Fill

We have scales around the store so that you can weigh as you fill. To avoid sticker shock when you check out, please fill small amounts at a time so you can get a sense of how much something will cost.

No Hands In Bins

Avoid reaching into bulk containers with your hands. We have various utensils such as tongs and scoops for this. (There are a few exceptions with cleaning products, such as laundry strips and dish tabs you can count out with your hands.)

New Utensils for Different Products

To avoid cross-contamination of products, please use new utensils (tongs, spoons, funnels) for each product. 

No Mixing Products

Please use a different container for different products. Mixing different products into the same container increases the risk for cross-contamination into our bins as you scoop. Mixing products may also cause complications at checkout when items are rung through.

No Sampling / Snacking

Since many products are sold from bulk, you can always buy a small amount to try. (Since sampling involves putting your hand to your mouth, we are avoiding this for a more hygenic experience for everyone.)

Wash Your Hands

If you accidentally made a mess and got soap, flour, peanut butter, etc. on your hands, please thoroughly wash your hands in the washroom to avoid spreading the product (and potential allergens) to other products.

Cosmetic Testers

For certain cosmetic products, we have testers available. Please do not open or "test" a product unless the product is clearly marked as a tester. To sample from a tester, please use a clean spoon instead of reaching in with your fingers.

Nut Butter Table

Filling from our nut butter pails can be messy, so please use a funnel. Use the clean spoons under the nut butter table to scrape down the funnel to avoid wasted product.

"Please Ask For Assistance"

If a product is labelled "please ask for assistance", please ask an employee for assistance. ;) Some products must be handled by employees only.

Turn Off Taps (Correctly!)

Please make sure the taps are turned completely off before walking away from a liquid dispenser. One common mistake is turning the red taps of our soap dispenser jugs to the front or to the back. This causes a leak. To fully turn off the red taps, the handle must point to the right.

Flow Too Slow?

If the flow for a product is too slow, please ask an employee if they can make it any faster. Sometimes the air flow cap needs to be loosened. For our large soap jugs, we have an air compressor for pushing the product out faster. If you bring a jar (rather than a bottle) for the maple syrup, we can also fill that for you faster.

Use The Refilling Stations

For products where the bulk bins are awkward to reach, please make use of our refilling stations (rolling carts). The carts are particularly useful for freezer and refrigerator products. E.g. Instead of holding the freezer door open while filling, you can move the bulk bin onto the cart for easier filling. Don't forget to put the bin back into the freezer once you are done!

Use Shopping Baskets

Once your containers have been weighed, please transfer them into our shopping baskets while you shop instead of placing them into your own bag to avoid accidentally walking out with a product without paying for it.

Parental Supervision

Bulk shopping can be a fun experience for everyone, but it is best for bulk filling to be done or assisted by an adult to avoid spills, over-filling, and handling products with hands. The bins of sanitized utensils can also be tempting for children to play with, so please keep an eye on your children to avoid hands in utensil bins. Even better - read over these rules as a family before making a trip! :)