BYOC Steps

*COVID-19 Protocols: Masks are mandatory for in store shopping. Sanitize your hands upon entry. Please stand behind the yellow line during check in and checkout. Come prepared with a grocery list or containers labelled with what you want to fill them with to make the shopping faster. If you can, please shop solo instead of with the family as we can only allow in 5 customers at one time.


1. Prepare

First, prepare the containers you want to use by thoroughly washing them and letting them fully dry. Remember to also wash the reusable bag you plan on carrying your containers in.


2. Check In: Inspect & Weigh

Check in your clean containers at the front counter for inspection and weighing. Containers must be checked every visit, even if they have been weighed before.

An employee will inspect your container for fit for use. If the container passes inspection, we will apply a colour coded sticker to verify that it has been inspected that day. The empty container weight will be recorded and marked on the sticker so that we can deduct it at checkout.

Acceptable containers:

- Clean and dry jars, bottles, tupperware, yoghurt tubs, laundry jugs

- Clean silicone bags, snack bags, ziplock bags

- Clean cotton bags that can close

Not acceptable:

- Containers with product still in them

- Containers with product residue 

- Used paper bags

- Containers with chips and cracks

- Open bags (e.g. plastic grocery bags)


3. Fill

Fill your containers with bulk goods! We have funnels around the store for easy, mess-free filling.


4. Checkout

At checkout, the tare weight of the containers will be deducted from the total weight so you only pay for the weight of the product. You will be asked if you have an account with us and if you would like your receipt printed or emailed. (If you have an account with us, you can be emailed receipts more quickly at checkout, and you collect points with each purchase that translate into store credit!)

Please review our full BYOC Rules & Tips page for a pleasant and hygienic zero waste shopping experience!