Job Opportunities

Accessibility & Diversity

Zero Waste Bulk welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Zero Waste Bulk was founded by Ellin Park. Ellin was diagnosed with autism & ADHD and had to use accessibility services throughout their life. So we are well aware of neurodivergent communication differences and how accommodations can allow a person to succeed. If you require accommodations, just let us know, and we’ll try our best to meet your needs.

We think diversity strengthens a team. As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome diversity including diversity in gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion, and ability. 

We support trans people, understand trans issues, and do not tolerate transphobia. 


Position: Store Associate 

As a small business with only around 6 employees, everyone is expected to help out in everything. This is a highly diversified position that requires training in a wide variety of tasks, so you will be learning a lot on the job!

Status: We are currently not actively hiring but accepting applications for future consideration.

Hours: 20-40 hours most weeks (flexible and may fluctuate depending on the needs of the employee and store)

How to apply: Complete this job application form, and also email your resume to


Primary Responsibilities 

Customer Service 

  • Assisting customers (e.g. explaining store concept, product recommendations, helping fill containers, in-depth product knowledge) 
  • Operating the cash register and POS
  • Inspecting customers’ containers for fit for use (e.g. cleanliness) 


Restocking & Refilling

  • Restocking retail items 
  • Refilling bulk bins (requires carrying & lifting 50lb loads)


Store Maintenance & Cleaning 

  • Retail facing 
  • Keeping the store clean (e.g. sweeping, mopping, sanitizing)
  • Ensuring “CLEAN” bins are full of appropriate utensils and have not been contaminated 
  • Ensuring “DIRTY” bins are regularly emptied 
  • Washing and sanitizing dishes (e.g. bulk bins, jars, scoops)
  • Waste management (sorting and taking out waste) 
  • Ensuring bulk bins are properly locked in 
  • Opening and/or closing the store (supervised)


Preventing Cross-Contamination 

  • Following our preventing cross-contamination protocols


Receiving Deliveries & Inventory

  • Receiving deliveries (e.g. unloading pallets, checking for correct product and quantities received, quality checks, labelling received dates) 
  • Monitoring the back door during deliveries 
  • Returning supplier containers for reuse 
  • Carrying and lifting 50lb loads 
  • Picking up products and supplies (within walking distance) 


Inventory Maintenance 

  • Receiving and tracking inventory
  • Reporting inventory discrepancies
  • Ensuring proper rotation of stock (e.g. FIFO, product clearouts) 
  • Keeping the stock room organized 


Online Orders

  • Filling/packing online orders 
  • Emailing/calling customers about orders 
  • Using Shopify to process orders 


Food Handling & Prep 

  • Safe food handling 
  • Making in-house food products as directed


Equipment Maintenance 

  • Emptying dehumidifier 
  • Refilling salt for water softeners 
  • Cleaning fridges, sinks, shelves, etc. 
  • Temperature checks of fridges and freezers 



  • Taking phone calls 
  • Assisting in training new hires 
  • Other tasks assigned (e.g. doing inventory, creating product labels, sandwich sign art)



  • Following proper COVID-19 procedures as per store protocols


Ideal Candidate

  • Has experience in grocery, retail, and food handling
  • Familiar with Shopify POS and online order fulfillment
  • Has strong attention to detail & is careful to prevent cross-contamination
  • Can work a flexible schedule and available to work on weekends
  • Self-motivated, efficient, and works at a fast pace
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, empathetic, and openly communicates
  • Understands or is willing to learn about autistic/diverse communication styles; we have a diverse team and you will be communicating with an autistic manager


Qualifications Required 

  • The ability to manually lift 50lbs
    • Handling heavy bulk dispensers and products is a necessary daily task
  • Food Handler’s Card (exam must be scheduled prior to employment)
  • AODA Training:


Applications without the above certifications will still be considered, but the certifications must be obtained prior to employment.




Update: This will increase to $17.20/hr starting June 1, 2022