Online Ordering with No Contact Pickup

How does it work?

You can browse through our categories and add products to your cart. If you are looking for a specific product, the search bar can help you find it quickly. Most products available in store are available to order online. After you place your order, we will do our best to pack it as fast as possible and call you when it is ready for pickup.

    Packaging Options

    When products from bulk are ordered online, we must package them for you. We have several packaging options including glass jars of various sizes ($1 deposit), 1L plastic tubs ($1 deposit), and paper bags ($0.15). Depending on the product, only certain packaging options may be available. As we have a limited number of sanitized glass jars available at any given moment, we may need to reserve them for products that need them more (e.g. liquids). If we are unable to package your product in a desired deposit container, we may pack the product in a paper bag instead and refund you the difference. If we do not have the desired deposit containers available and you do not want paper bags, please specify this in the checkout notes so that we can either remove the products from your order or cancel your order entirely. 

    Product Availability & Out of Stock Items

    While we would like the products made available online to be reflective of the store stock, it is quite difficult to keep online product availability up to date with real time levels of store stock. If a product you have ordered is out of stock, we will try our best to contact you to let you know before we pack your order to see if you want to proceed with the rest of your order. Any differences will be refunded.

    Made to Order Products

    Some products such as our in-house made hummus and cashew milks may be made fresh to order. Such items are not made daily and may have order cut offs. More information on order deadlines for specific products can be found in the product descriptions. 

    In Store Price Variability

    For transparency, we would like to note that our online prices may differ from in store prices. Packing and processing orders takes a significant amount of labour, so our online costs are reflective of the additional labour. In general, bulk goods ordered online and packaged for you will tend to be higher than in store prices. This is due to the costs of product packaging materials (the $1 deposit on our jars does not cover the actual cost of them) and the labour involved in filling, labelling, packing, sorting, organizing pickups, and providing a container return & reuse service.

    Deposit Container Returns

    If you have deposit containers to return, you can drop them off when you pick up your order. Credits will be added to your account in the form of loyalty points ($1 credit = 300 points) which you can redeem in store (300 points = $1 off). You must have a customer account with us to collect points. Note that returned containers must be sparkling clean. If additional labour is needed to clean your container before we sanitize it, your container deposit will not be returned.

    No Contact Pickup

    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will be organizing no contact
    pickups for orders. When your order is ready to be picked up, we will
    contact you to let you know and schedule a pickup time. When you arrive
    at the store to pick up your order, please remain outside (not inside
    the vestibule) and give us a call to let you know you are here. We will
    then fetch your order and place it on a shelf inside the vestibule. Once
    your order has been placed inside the vestibule, we will signal you in
    with a wave or sign. The shelf and door handles will be sanitized
    between customers. If you see anyone inside the vestibule, please wait
    until they have left before stepping inside. If your order comes in a
    paper bag/box, please keep the bag/box since we can't reuse them.

    If you have any cold or flu like symptoms or have travelled outside of Canada within the past 2 weeks, please stay at home and have someone else pick up your order for you.