Our Values

  • Zero waste sustainability

    We aim to make it easier for everyone to reduce the amount of stuff sent to the landfills while also trying to minimize the waste we produce as a business. We dream of a zero waste society where all products are made to be repaired, reused, repurposed, or recycled instead of thrown away at the end of their functional lives.

    We strive to incorporate zero waste principles whenever practically possible. This includes reducing packaging waste by offering bulk foods, soap refills, loose produce, and DIY products. With sustainable alternatives to everyday items, you can avoid the use of plastics and disposable products.

  • Transparency

    We think it’s important to be a conscious consumer, and businesses can help customers make informed purchasing decisions by being honest and transparent. We want to be up front about our flaws. We will still produce some waste as a business. Not everything we stock can be sourced locally (e.g. coffee, chocolate). Not all our products are package free. Trying to make sustainable choices can be hard - sometimes we are not sure about what the most sustainable decision is.

    We’ll admit it would be more sustainable to buy things second hand or make do with what you already have than buying brand new products from us! We encourage conscious consumption, and we believe reducing our overall consumption is better than buying all the latest green products.

  • Reducing plastics

    With the increasing amount of plastic pollution in the world, we believe it’s important to reduce our consumption of plastic products. Recycling plastics is not the solution to our overuse of plastics - it’s only a temporary bandaid.

    Plastic cannot be truly recycled, only downcycled. Every time plastic goes through the recycling process, its quality is degraded so it cannot be reused to make the original product. Eventually, the plastic will not be able to be “recycled”, and it will stay on this Earth forever, breaking down into smaller pieces and harming wildlife as they are ingested. It’s best to refuse plastic whenever possible for the health of the environment and ourselves.

  • Organic

    Organic farming aims to use sustainable practises by promoting biodiversity and soil health while avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and GMOs. We believe choosing organic is healthier for the farmer, consumer, animals, and the planet. We aim to provide a wide variety of organic products.

  • Supporting local

    By choosing locally made products, you support the local economy and reduce the amount of miles products have to travel. Buying local also helps ensure that we are paying workers fair wages, whereas this is hard to determine for outsourced products. We aim to feature locally made products when we can.

  • Vegan

    The Earth is home to all animals, so it’s essential to take care of it. As animal agriculture is very detrimental to the environment, we like to put emphasis on plant-based foods. We aim to provide vegan options whenever possible.

  • Eliminating untraceable palm-oil

    The demand for palm oil is destroying rainforests as unsustainable methods are used in cultivating palm oil. While palm oil has the potential to be a sustainable oil as the palm plant is very resource efficient (using little water and land compared to other oily plants), the current methods of harvesting palm oil is largely unsustainable and unregulated. Palm oil is a common ingredient in many products from cookies to cosmetics, and it can be difficult to avoid. All our products are free from untraceable palm oil.