Zero Waste Bulk is for sale!

We are looking for a new owner to take over the business.


Update (March 8, 2022):

Four months ago, I made a post saying that Zero Waste Bulk was up for sale. We weren’t quite ready for what that would involve at the time.

We also got sidetracked by several projects like changing our POS, changing our tare system, and revamping our website.

After dozens of email exchanges, we now have a better idea of what kind of information people are looking for. We have gotten our books in order since then and put together an organized package for those who are serious about taking over operations at Zero Waste Bulk.

The main things we are looking for from a potential new owner:
1) A good fit (e.g. passion for sustainability, business or other relevant experience)
2) Speed of the offer & takeover timeline

We're quite flexible with the price and payment terms.

In other news, Cass & I very recently decided to split after a 10+ year long relationship. As we want to go our separate ways as soon as possible, we want to emphasize that we are putting priority on the ability of the new owner(s) to quickly take over operations.

P.S. If you already sent an inquiry back in November and are still interested in running your own zero waste store, please feel free to reach out again! Some of our original numbers were incorrect and have since been fixed. We have also eliminated our asking price and will simply consider the best reasonable offers (in addition to the other criteria).

For serious inquiries, please contact us at for further information.


Our story & why we’re selling

In 2016, I came across the idea of living “zero waste”, and I became obsessed with reducing as much waste as possible. I tried to avoid wasteful packaging, but to my frustration, there was no store within my vicinity at the time where I could get a wide variety of package free goods from bulk. I dreamed of a place where I could not only get dry bulk foods, but also products like oils, vinegars, maple syrup, frozen foods, soaps, and cosmetics all from bulk using my own containers.

So my partner Cass and I got to work, and we opened Zero Waste Bulk in December 2018. We steadily added more product options over time to have most of the products I dreamed of available in bulk, our newest bulk category being refillable makeup!

With our BYOC program, we have collectively avoided the consumption of over 135,000 pieces of disposable product packaging since our opening.

While I have successfully materialized my dream of opening a zero waste store, I can say I have bit off more than I can chew. I am someone who thrives in the creative start up phase. Even in the start up phase, I anticipated that I would eventually hand off the store to someone else once I had realized my vision. On the other hand, managing the daily operations of a business has been a challenge for me.

In 2021, I found out that I am autistic, and I realized I have been heavily masking over the past few years due to the social nature of running a business. Autistic masking is when a person with autism tries to act neurotypical in order to be socially accepted. It may look like trying to figure out the social rules, following social scripts, and consciously controlling facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language in order to appear “normal”. (People with autism have social communication differences.)

Autistic masking requires a lot of mental energy and is associated with high levels of anxiety. As a socially anxious and autistic introvert, having to mask through daily social interactions quickly led to burnout. I tried to push through this burnout, but I know I need to prioritize my mental health.

While I have met many wonderful people throughout the course of operating Zero Waste Bulk, I am unable to keep up with the social demands of running a socially oriented business. 

In addition, I have become absorbed in new passions pulling me in other directions. 

Zero Waste Bulk needs a new owner who has the motivation to push the business forward while being passionate about community and the environment.

If you’re that person, please send us an email at

In any case, please help spread the word that Zero Waste Bulk is looking for a new owner!

Thanks to all of you for supporting us through this journey.

- Ellin (Founder of Zero Waste Bulk)