Albatross Safety Razor Kit (Short, 3-Piece)
Albatross Safety Razor Kit (Short, 3-Piece)
Albatross Safety Razor Kit (Short, 3-Piece)

Albatross Safety Razor Kit (Short, 3-Piece)

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Product Description: Don’t be intimidated by the shiny metal body of this safety razor! This stainless steel double edged safety razor is just as easy to use as your typical disposable plastic razor and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Comes with 10 blades and pouch. Each blade lasts around 1 month with regular use (more or less depending on frequency of use).

To load, twist the bottom of the handle to open up the head, and insert blade.

This is an especially great model for travelers as it can be disassembled into a compact size that fits into even the most packed bags.

Key Highlights:

  • For MEN AND WOMEN & all shaving needs
  • Over-built components for durability
  • High-polished finish to protect from corrosion
  • Quality Happiness Guaranteed
  • Zero Plastic Waste and Blade Take Back Program
  • Comes with 10 free blades, Blade Take Back collection envelope, and hemp razor bag
  • ~3.5" in length

Albatross Blade Take Back Program

At the end of their lives, take the blades to a scrap metal recycler or mail them back to Albatross Designs for recycling. They also accept blades from other brands.

Simply collect your used blades in the envelope they come in when you buy Albatross replacement blades. When you’ve gone through a pack of blades, seal that envelope and insert it into any other envelope at least 3.5” X 5” large (USPS minimum) and send to:

Albatross Designs
PO Box 2254
Berkeley, CA 94702

You can also return the blades in a container or their original packaging to Zero Waste Bulk, and we’ll have them recycled for you.

Care Instructions: To prolong the life of the blade, pat dry after each use or air dry with the head slightly open.

Materials: Stainless steel, natural plant based pouch, paper packaging for blades

Company: Albatross Designs

Made in: China