Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter
Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter
Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter
Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter

Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter

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Product Description: 

No more plastic bottles or filters.
No more waste. Throw your used charcoal into the compost, garden and potted plants to reduce trash and add vital nutrients to the soil. Or use as a deodorizer!

Miyabi bamboo charcoal is made from bamboo that is already a waste product. Bamboo must be regularly culled in the Japanese countryside to preserve indigenous forests.

Adding bamboo charcoal to your drinking water will help remove impurities and improve taste.

Bamboo charcoal adsorbs tap water impurities as they attach to the porous surface area within the bamboo charcoal. Tests indicate that bamboo charcoal removes chlorine, chloride, phosphorus, ammonia, toluene (alcohol), nitrogen, chloramine (ammonia and chlorine compound added to water to kill pathogens), and even toxins like pesticides that can seep into tap water. Bamboo charcoal adsorbs solids and gases, but not pathogens, so we don't recommend relying on bamboo charcoal to filter creek water while hiking.

Use Instructions:
Three simple steps:
1. Rinse, boil for 5 minutes, and dry (preferably in the sun).
2. Add to the container of water. We recommend 3 pieces per liter of water. Add more pieces for larger containers.
3. Let stand for 1 hour and drink! Your charcoal should last around 4 weeks depending on quality of your tap water. 

Size & Quantity Options:

Regular (for pitchers) - $9.99 (3pc), $17.99 (6pc), $23.99 (9pc)

Skinny (for bottles) - $11.99 (3pc), $22.99 (6pc), $29.99 (9pc)

Materials: Bamboo charcoal

Company: Miyabi

Made in: Japan