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Bubble Tea Sour Fruit Flavour Powder

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Note: These "sour" fruit flavour powders are more fruity than sour! 

Making Bubble Tea:
1. Brew green or black tea (750mL).
2. Mix in 4 tbsp flavour powder or to taste.
3. Further sweeten to taste (optional).
4. Add cooked tapioca pearls.

Cold version:
Make less hot tea, but make it more concentrated. Add ice.

This makes enough bubble tea fill our 750mL bubble tea cups!

Sour Mango Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose, natural & artificial flavour, mango extract, yellow No. 5, yellow No. 6.

Sour Raspberry Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose, natural & aritifical flavour, raspberry extract, red AC (red No. 40).

Pineapple / 200 g