Donation: $5 Towards Care Kits

Donation: $5 Towards Care Kits

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Disclaimer: This product listing is not for individual purchase. 100% of proceeds of this purchase goes toward partially funding a care kit for those in need. Purchasing this product is equivalent to donating $5 towards a care kit. You will not receive any care kits from this purchase. The distribution of care kits is based on a trust system; there is zero profit made from sales of the care kits and we trust that those who request a care kit are truly in need.


Types of Care Kits available:

Need a care kit?

If you are in need and would like to pick up a care kit (free), please contact with subject "Request: [Care Kit Type]" to see if we have one available. If you cannot pick up in person, please note this in the email and we will try to find a volunteer to drop off the kit.


How else can you help?

If you cannot make a monetary donation, you can still help by spreading the word about our care kits so that those most in need can access the kits and/or volunteering to pickup & drop off kits for those who cannot come into the store to pick up a kit themselves.

If you are a supplier of sustainable goods and would like to donate your products to the care kits, please contact us at