PURE Fabric Softener (Bulk Pre-Order: 20L Jug, includes $10 jug deposit)

PURE Fabric Softener (Bulk Pre-Order: 20L Jug, includes $10 jug deposit)

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Note on Dispensing: The 20L jug opening/tightening key is recommended for opening/tightening the caps of our 20L bulk jugs. The caps are very difficult to open without them. If you already have a jug with a spout, you can use this key to move the cap with the spout from one jug to another. If you do not want a tap pre-installed, you can order the tap heads separately, or just pour directly from the top of the jug without a spout (a key is still recommended).


Pure fabric softener is made of a formula that makes your clothes smell good, for a long time. It stops static on all types of fabric and gives them a feeling of freshness. It is gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

Vegan, biodegradable, SLS-free.

Use Info: 25mL for HE front loading washing machines. 40mL for top loading washing machines.

Ingredients: Aqua, methyl bis (hydrogenated tallow amidoethyl) 2-hydroxethyl ammonium methyl sulfate, fragrance (containing at least 50% of natural essential oils).


Our ingredients are carefully selected by our research and development department, which works in collaboration with external laboratories specialized in green chemistry. Our ingredients are safe for our health, our homes and the environment. We always prioritize ingredients from natural sources, plant or mineral based, and North American suppliers using high and sustainable manufacturing standards.

Produced in Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, QC.