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Smile Tiger Coffee Beans

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Medium-Dark Roast Blend

A whimsical, tragical beauty. Self-conscious and a little bit moody.  

Unlike the namesake, this is a coffee you can handle all day long. Well-rounded and created just for that easygoing relaxing (shall we say Hippy) afternoon.

The Blend - Both Direct Trade

Component 1 (Medium Roast):

Origin | Nariño, Colombia

Farm | Inga Aponte

Altitude |1800 to 2250m

Variety | Caturra

Process | Washed

_Component 2 (Dark Roast): _

Origin |Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Farm |El Recreo

Grower | Jorge Luis Balaguera Tornet

Altitude |1100m

Variety |Castillo

Process | Washed

Direct Trade by Mama Chena

Roasted in Kitchener, ON.

Thunderpeel (Espresso Blend) / 750 mL (317 g)