The Better Vegan Steak

The Better Vegan Steak

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Cooking Instructions

Stove Top:

  1. Allow steak to thaw.
  2. Place oil into pan.
  3. Heat pan to low to medium heat.
  4. Place steak into pan and cook until desired sear.
  5. Flip steak over and cook on opposite side.
  6. Baste with sauce or rub (optional).


  1. Allow steak to thaw.
  2. Prep grill on low to medium heat.
  3. Once grill is to the desired temperature, place steak on grill.
  4. Once you have a good sear on one side, turn the steak over.
  5. Create a good sear on the opposite side.
  6. Baste with any BBQ sauce (optional)


Ingredients: Wheat gluten, chickpea flour, onion, garlic, vegetable stock, roasted red pepper, non-alcoholic red wine, rehydrated black bean, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, liquid smoke, sweet BBQ sauce, herbs & spices.