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Vaka Chocolate Bar

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Bean to bar vegan, artisanal chocolates hand crafted in London, ON.

Transparently traded cacao. Pure ingredients. Care for the environment.

Cacao Sourcing

We use only the ethically and sustainably sourced cacao. Due to our size, we are not yet able to work directly with the farmers, so in the meantime, we rely on trusted sources with direct-trade relationships. Currently, we source cacao beans from MABCO, Uncommon Cacao and Meridian Cacao. We encourage you to explore these companies and their impact on the cacao community.

As our little operation grows, we aim to establish and develop direct-trade relationships with cacao farmers in an effort to support sustainable growth and farmer prosperity.

Environmental Impact

100% biodegradable packaging (the inner wrapper is glassine paper and the outer wrapper is 100% post-consumer waste paper). The cocoa shells are donated for mulch/composting.

All Dressed Chip