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Wideman Wicks Co. Soy Candle (8oz jar)

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Our candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax, and high quality fragrance/essential oils. Each candle candle is hand poured and made with wooden wicks creating a satisfying crackle when burned.

Made in Conestogo, ON

To get the best burn for your candle, follow these steps...

  • Light your wick at the base where it meets the wax. Let it burn to the edge of the jar. This is a very important step! If it doesn't burn to the edge, it may cause your candle to tunnel, making it hard to relight. If your candle doesn't light on the first try, let the wax reharden, trim your wick, and try again.

  • When you are ready to relight your candle, trim your wick. Grab a tissue and pinch off the burnt part of the wick that flakes off easily.

  • Relight your candle, and enjoy!

Signature Scents

Amazing Grace - Feminine scent, light and sweet
Baby Powder - Just like baby powder
Oatmeal Milk and Honey - Warm and welcoming, oatmeal top note with a bit of sweet and spice
Morning Brew - Roasted espresso beans and a hint of vanilla
*Comfy Cozy *-Light and airy

Summer Scents

*_Lemon Cheesecake - *_Lemon and vanilla swirled together with a base of brown sugar and graham crackers

Sweet Peach - Notes of peach nectar and citrus on a base of whipped cream and vanilla

Old Fashioned Summer - Top notes of coconut and orange peel on a base of rich whiskey, cedar, and vanilla.

Mandarin & Chili Pepper - Sweet mandarin is complemented with a *hint* of spicy chili pepper.

Blue Skies - Sweet and floral with notes of palm and citrus

Golden Hour - notes of sunflower, orange blossom, and rose

Fall Scents
Brown Sugar & Fig - Top notes of fig, caramelized sugar, and a touch of sea salt are accented by deep brown sugar. Dark musk and amber in the base reinforce the richness of this enticing scent.

Fireside Flannel - This unique blend of barn wood and tobacco is sure to leave you feeling cozy this fall! The perfect blend of musk and earthy tones with hints of cherry.

Spiced Espresso - We took our classic Morning Brew fragrance and kicked it up a notch by adding pumpkin spice and vanilla!

Chai Latte - Blend of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and nutmeg.

Basil & Pear - Base notes of freshly picked pears with hints of spicy basil fresh from the garden. Swirled together with cinnamon.

Vanilla Maple Pecan - A base of vanilla and pastry, with notes of maple syrup and pecans. 

Winter Scents

Deck the Halls - Cranberry and buttery kettlecorn
Snowy Evergreens - Fresh balsam
Rum & Eggnog - Creamy eggnog with hints of spicy rum
Hot Cocoa - Chocolate and cream
Candy Cane (essential oils) -Peppermint and bergamot
Naughty or Nice (essential oils) - Cinnamon and orange

Essential Oil Scents

Spa Day - Lavender and eucalyptus
Goodnight Moon - Lavender
Algonquin - Cedar wood and sage
Headache Away - Peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus
Refresh - Lemon and rosemary

Amazing Grace